Kent-based mechanics
Kent-based mechanics

Electric Vehicles

Electric, hybrid and PHEV vehicles

Our fully qualified and experienced technicians are able to carry out all aspects of servicing and repair on your electric or hybrid vehicle. Although there are fewer moving parts, your  electric vehicle still requires periodic maintenance.

Alongside checking the usual items such as tyres, brakes lights and suspension components, the high voltage battery, motor, invertor and associated cabling will also be inspected. If you own a hybrid/plug-in hybrid PHEV there is double the amount of items to maintain, as not only do you have a conventional internal combustion engine, but also an electric motor system.



The biggest single component in your electric vehicle’s system is the battery. This contains a vast array of individual power cells that make your electric car run. They are large, heavy and complicated. Luckily, they don’t require much day-to-day maintenance, but it’s important to make sure your vehicle's charging system is working effectively as battery memory will reduce over time and this will affect the vehicle’s reliability and range.



Air conditioning

With a high voltage car, even the air conditioning is high voltage, which requires a knowledgeable and qualified person to carry out maintenance and repair.


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